Traingle and Rectangle Windown Options

The basic wall tent model comes with a triangle on the back of the tent. If you desire more ventilation for your tent take a look at the other window selections we offer for our tents.

Triangular windows have the advantage of allowing a greater range of ventilation control.

For 8x10, 10x12 and 12x14, the triangle window measures 36"x45" wide. On the larger 14x16 and 16x20 tents, the window is 48"x48".

We also offer a rectangular "picture windows" as an option. The rectangle shape offers more of a view when the window is open, but is more difficult to regulate ventilation.

For 8x10, 10x12 and 12x14, the rectangle window measures 36in x 48in. On the larger 14x16 and 16x20 tents, the window is 60in x 48in.

Windows can be added on the "stove side", "non-stove side", or both sides. If your tent includes a stove we don't recommend that a window be placed next to the stove as the mesh for the window might melt.

Our window drop down menus are designed to offer a wide range of window combinations. Typically the smaller tents can handle one window on either side, while the larger tents can accommodate two windows on either side.

Triangle Window