How To Burn Out A Riley Stove

To provide heat for your wall tent, your may choose to add one of the several models of quality US-made wood-burning stoves from Riley Stove Company to your order. We've been selling Riley stoves to our wall tent customers for many years with very positive results.

Our Wall Tent Stoves MUST Be Treated Prior To Use!

Step 1- Setup stove and pipe OUTSIDE of tent.

Step 2- Start stove with WOOD ONLY, no pellets or coal.

Step 3- Burn for 45 minutes to an hour.

This process seals the stove and burns off the toxic fumes from the steel finish.

This MUST be done before using the stove!

It is important that your stove pipe be a minimum of 3 feet above the ridge line of the tent. Always use a spark arrest and spark box.