AAA Wall Tent Setup Guides

We recommend that you set up your stock or custom AAA canvas wall tent at least once before you take it out on your first trip, to familiarize yourself with the procedure and to make sure you have all the necessary components.

Most of our customers purchase a "cabin-style" frame for their tent. You can download a copy of our Cabin Frame Setup Instructions here (PDF file).

Cutting Your Own Poles

If you have some skill at cutting we can sell just the fittings for the cabin style frame. This option significantly saves with shipping costs. Click here for the pole measurements.

Shocking The Fabric

The first time you have your tent set up, give it a good soaking with a hose to "shock" the fabric. You will notice the tent is oversize for the frame when new. We cut the tents to allow for some shrinking upon the first wetting; this will tighten up the fabric and seams, making it even more water resistant. Let it dry completely while on the frame.

Assemble Wall Tent Roof and Cover With Canvas Step 1: Assemble roof and cover with canvas.
Insert Side Wall Poles On One Side Of The Tent Step 2: Insert side poles on one side of the tent.
Insert Other Side Poles Step 3: Insert other side poles.
Pull Canvas Down And Fasten Guy Lines Step 4: Pull down the rest of the canvas and fasten guy lines.