Stick With The Sod Cloth Or Upgrade With A Floor

Your AAA custom wall tent comes standard with a 10-inch-wide sod cloth. This flap is sewn to the bottom hem of the tent and may be positioned either inside or outside as desired to form a draft seal around the perimeter of the tent.

We also offer snap in vinyl laminate floors, with or without a cutout for a portable stove. The stove cutout option come with a snap-in flap to cover the ground when a stove is not in use.

The 9 oz per-square-yard vinyl laminated polyester snap-in floors and sod cloths are premium waterproof synthetic material treated for mildew, UV, fire, and bacterial resistance.

As with all tent fabrics, caution should be exercised when using a heat or flame source such as a wood burning stove near the floor.

Snap In Floor