Storing Your Tent

The important thing to remember with any tent is to ensure that it is completely dry before storing it. When you return from each camping trip, allow the tent to air out in the sunshine with the windows and doors open until it is completely dry, then roll it up and put it in its storage bag in a dry environment for long-term storage. Even though our special Sunforger® canvas is somewhat mold and mildew resistant the canvas and synthetic materials can mold if neglected. Kirkham's is not responsible for mold or mildew damage due to inappropriate storage.

The Sunforger® fabrics we offer (12.5 oz Boat Duck and 10.1 oz Army Duck) will dry faster than our untreated 14.7 oz #10 Duck, but they all need to be allowed to dry completely. Paying attention to this requirement after returning home from your trip is the best way to protect your investment.

Cleaning Your Tent

The best way to clean your AAA Wall Tent is to set it up and hose off dirt with plain water and a soft brush, then allow it to dry completely.

*****Do not use detergents or soaps as these can remove the special silicone treatment.*****

Mold & Mildew Damage

If despite your good intentions, your tent has been stored damp and is affected by some mold or mildew, all is not lost. If the damage is not extensive, you may be able to clean it. The recipe for a mild cleaning solution that will kill and remove minor mold/mildew damage is the following:

* 5 quarts water
* 1 quart white vinegar
* 1/2 teaspoon laundry detergent

Use a soft bristle brush with this solution on the affected areas. Rinse thoroughly with copious amounts of plain water. Allow to dry completely in the sunshine.

After cleaning your tent, retreat the affected area with an approved silicone-based treatment such as Aqua-Tite Silicone Water Repellant from MarChem Coated Fabrics, Inc.

In the event that your tent has more severe or extensive mold/mildew damage, we may be able to replace the affected panel(s) by sewing in new fabric. Our customer service department can give you an estimate of the cost of such repair.