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 AAA canvas wall tents are made with pride in Salt Lake City at the Kirkham's factory. For over 60 years we have built these rugged tents designed to handle the most punishing conditions. If you need the toughest, most weather worthy canvas tent on the planet, you've come to the right place.

These tents are ideal for cold weather hunting with a wood-burning stove inside. Traditional users include herders and outfitters, who challenge the durability of these tents in long-term use and severe conditions. Geologists and archaeologists use our wall tents for prolonged field research in environments ranging from windswept plains, to alpine forests, to brutal deserts. Scout organizations leave our wall tents out in the weather all summer long ‚all year after year. We invite you to compare our features and construction with other wall tent makers. We're confident that when you add it all up, you'll agree that AAA canvas wall tents are second to none when it comes to quality, ruggedness, long-term durability and value for your dollar.


Manufacturing in America has distinct advantages for both us and our customers. From our location in scenic northern Utah, our employees have ample opportunity to actually use the products we make and sell. You could say that "product testing" is pretty much an ongoing activity with us. In our retail store in Salt Lake City, we have the opportunity to talk directly to our customers on a daily basis. So we find out quickly what works and what doesn't; we can then put that knowledge into improving out products.

Most importantly, by employing a local workforce instead of offshore manufacturing, we keep a very tight handle on quality. And quality is the hallmark of our Springbar and AAA tent lines.

Make the best possible products, offer them at a fair price, and back it up with a great warranty and exceptional customer service. That's the way Jack Kirkham, Sr did business six decades ago and it's the way we still do it today.


Choosing the right fabric for your area can add years to the life of your tent. We offer three types of canvas to build your wall tent. Each fabric type has its benefits should be carefully selected for each tent's need.

The treatment of fabric may vary depending on manufacture. Here at Kirkham's we offer the Sunforger® treatment and fire retardant treatment our 10.1 oz and 12.5 oz canvas only.

14.7 oz #10 Canvas Duck - For A Drier Climate Or Rugged Use

Our heaviest canvas, the 14.7 oz Untreated Duck is the preferred choice for most customers. It is so popular in fact that we make every stock tent with this heavy-duty material. This is the classic wall tent material that offers great insulation, water resistance, and durability all in one. Our most common customers for this canvas are short to long term hunters living in dryer areas or outfitters that need a tent that can take a little more abuse than normal. However, since it is untreated, this canvas can absorb a fair amount of water. Special attention must be paid to ensure that the tent is completely dry prior to storage to avoid mildew.

10.10 oz Army Duck Canvas - For Water Resistants and Lightweight

The 10.1 oz Army Duck canvas is ideal for horse or mule pack trips where weight is an issue. Identical to the 12.5 oz Boat Duck except for its lighter weight, this double-fill 100% cotton material is ideal for those needing a lighter-weight wall tent with excellent weather resistance. We have added our signature Sunforger® Finish to give this "lightweight" tent a boost in water repellency and UV protection.

Please keep in mind that this tent may not be the ideal choice for customers looking to live in or have a tent up for a long amount of time. However, it excels in short-term use in both wet and dry conditions.

12.5 oz Boat Duck Canvas - A Great Combination Of Water-Resistant And Durable

The preferred choice for heavy use in wet or humid climates, our 12.5 oz Boat Duck is a marine-grade, double-fill 100% cotton fabric treated with Sunforger® silicone-based dry finish for maximum water and mildew resistance. This does not mean you can put it away wet! As with all canvas wall tents, precautions must be taken to make sure the tent is completely dry prior to long-term storage to prevent mold and mildew.

The 12.6 oz Boat Duck is a unique canvas material that is more durable than the lighter 10.1 oz Sunforger® Army Duck, and yet more water-proof, lighter, and more mildew-resistant than the 14.7 oz Duck Canvas.

Our 12.5 oz FR (Fire-Retardant) Sunforger® Boat Duck is the only canvas we will be fire-retardant. The "FR" in the name indicates the addition of a fire-retardant treatment that meets the California Fire Marshall's CPAI-84 specification


Our wall tent fabrics have no special fire-retardant treatment. However, in over 60 years of building canvas wall tents, we have found that, for most customers, our heavy duty untreated canvas fabrics pose no substantial fire risk, as long common sense is observed.

The issues to consider when determining whether special fire-retardant fabrics are necessary in your particular circumstances include the following:

  • Cost of fire-retardant treatment (approx. 15% greater)
  • Odor (some find FR fabric odors objectionable)
  • Longevity (FR treatments degrade with sun exposure)
  • State regulations (7 States require these treatments for commercial use)

About Fire Safety and Canvas Fabrics

All tent fabrics will burn if held in contact with an open flame or heat source long enough.

That said, in over sixty years of building tents using our superior 100% cotton canvas fabrics, we have not found the flammability of these material to be a great concern for wall tents with a wood burning stove, as long adequate stovepipe length and common sense are used.

All of our wall tent fabrics are the best double-fill canvas fabrics available. Because of the tight weave of our canvas, these fabrics tend not to ignite readily, though they will burn slowly if kept in contact with a flame or heat source. The 14.7 oz #10 Duck in particular, (used in our Stock Wall Tents) is naturally more flame-resistant than lighter-weight, looser-weave fabrics offered by many other makers.

When setting up a wood-burning stove in a wall tent, be sure the ground area around the stove is clear of combustible materials. We recommend enough stove pipe on your flue to reach at least 2-3 feet above the ridge line of your tent. Always employ a spark arrestor on the stove pipe. And be sure your tent is adequately guyed out in severe weather to eliminate the risk of the stove pipe separating from too much tent movement in the wind.


It's important when choosing a size to remember that you should add an extra two feet around the stove. This is because it puts out so much heat, it would be unsafe to put anything next to it. When choosing between two tent sizes, we typically recommend going with the larger size. Most customers have more stuff than they realize. If you are including a stove in your order, consider the extra space needed.


If you don't change any options and click the add to cart button you will get a wall tent with all of our basic features. Our basic features are the industry standard and are by far most requested options.

AAA Kirkham's canvas wall tents come with the following classic features:

Remember that every AAA Wall Tent we sell needs a pole set which is sold separately and can be found as a drop down option for every tent listed on this site.

As you shop our site for wall tents you will notice that each wall tent have drop down options to customize almost any feature.


If you're looking for a tent with more than the basic options, rest easy. Use the features listed below each tent listing to add windows, doors, roll up sides, and other great features. We also include a text area below each tent listing so you can request special options and include special instructions. Remember that every wall tent order is checked by our experienced sales staff. If you prefer to discuss your wall tent options over the phone, please call us.

Kirkhams Wall Tents

An 8 ft. awning can be sewn to the front of the tent for extra entry protection. This awning forms an A-frame extension of the roof line and comes complete with a heavy duty steel support pole, plus guy ropes and steel stakes. Prices vary based on which type of canvas is used, and we typically recommend matching the awing fabric with the tent fabric. If the extended eaves are added as an option, we also recommend adding extended eaves to the awning for balance.

Kirkhams Wall Tents

Extend the roof line of your tent with our extended eave option. This option creates a 12" or 24" wide eave extending beyond the plane of the sidewall.

This popular addition sheds snow and rain water away from the side of the tent. Combine this with the sidewall picture-frame windows, and allow some cross-ventilation during rain storms.

If extended eaves are chosen in combination with the awning and the vinyl roof fly, we recommend adding additional extended eves to the awning and roof fly.

Kirkhams Wall Tents

Your AAA custom wall tent comes standard with a 10-inch-wide sod cloth. This flap is sewn to the bottom hem of the tent and may be positioned either inside or outside as desired to form a draft seal around the perimeter of the tent.

We also offer snap in vinyl laminate floors, with or without a cutout for a portable stove. The stove cutout option come with a snap-in flap to cover the ground when a stove is not in use.

The 9 oz per-square-yard vinyl laminated polyester snap-in floors and sod cloths are premium waterproof synthetic material treated for mildew, UV, fire, and bacterial resistance.

Kirkhams Wall Tents

Found typically on wall tents without frame sets or for emergency preparedness, this option allows you to use a lodge pole to support the ridge.

Tents that are packed in on horseback find the most value in this option, because lodge poles can be cut from trees in the area.

Kirkhams Wall Tents

The Screened walls span the entire length of the tent and offers a great deal of ventilation.

This is a fantastic option for tents that require extra dry time in wet climates. Also a great ventilation option for tents that remain standing for long amounts of consecutive time.

Use this option in combination with an extended eaves and get great ventilation in rain storms.

Please keep in mind that the screened wall is not recommended on the the stove side as the heat may melt the mesh.

Kirkhams Wall Tents

The "Uintah" storm door has an additional buckle-closure flap that overlaps the zippered door closure for extra weather resistance. Behind the zippered door flap is a standard mesh screen door to keep out pests while allowing ventilation in warm weather.

Every Kirkham's AAA wall tent is made with a Uintah door. For larger tents add an additional door to manage extra traffic.

Kirkhams Wall Tents

For maximum rain and snow protection, order our vinyl-laminated roof fly. This fly is constructed of the same tough vinyl-laminated polyester as our optional floors.

Snow just slides right off, making the fly a great option for late-fall and winter camps in northern climates. The roof fly is draped over the ridge of the tent then tightened with guy ropes and stakes. Includes second stovepipe insert.

Kirkhams Wall Tents

The basic wall tent model comes with a triangle on the back of the tent. If you desire more ventilation for your tent take a look at the other window selections we offer for our tents.

Triangular windows have the advantage of allowing a greater range of ventilation control. For 8x10, 10x12 and 12x14, the triangle window measures 36"x45" wide. On the larger 14x16 and 16x20 tents, the window is 48"x48".

We also offer a rectangular "picture windows" as an option. The rectangle shape offers more of a view when the window is open, but is more difficult to regulate ventilation. For 8x10, 10x12 and 12x14, the rectangle window measures 36in x 48in. On the larger 14x16 and 16x20 tents, the window is 60in x 48in.

Windows can be added on the "stove side", "non-stove side", or both sides. If your tent includes a stove we don't recommend that a window be placed next to the stove as the mesh for the window might melt. Our window drop down menus are designed to offer a wide range of window combinations. Typically the smaller tents can handle one window on either side, while the larger tents can accommodate two windows on either side.

Kirkhams Wall Tents

Another option providing sidewall ventilation and access is our zippered roll-up wall. This option is available with or without fiberglass-mesh screened sidewalls.

Keep in mind when you purchase the additional netting, that only the outer canvas flap is zippered to roll. The additional screen netting is sewn to the corners and does not roll up.

If your tent is standing for long periods of time or if you have large furniture, this option is invaluable and highly recommended.


The cabin-style frame is an internal self-standing frame set composed of 1-inch steel pipe plus 3-way and 4-way fittings to join the pipe sections. The setup can be handled by one person, is more stable, and lasts longer than any other pole configuration.

Kirkhams Wall Tents

Purchasing a complete pole set is the easiest way to get a wall tent frame.

Our complete pole set includes all the fittings and poles required to setup your tent. The complete set includes pole sizes A, B, and C in specially marked bags.

These poles are specially cut by us to ensure that they will fit your size of wall tent. If you are uncomfortable with cutting your own poles this is the safest way to go.

Kirkhams Wall Tents

For those more handy customers, we do offer just the fittings. We will also include the specific measurements for each size wall tent so you can get exact cuts for each pole section.

This option is also a great way to save on shipping cost and is recommended for anyone outside the state of Utah.

For customers that have fittings and need poles we do offer the sale of just the poles. This option includes cut poles and specially marked bags for organization. Most of our customers that order this option typically need replacement poles for older models.

Kirkhams Wall Tents

The Winter Pole Kit is sold separately from the complete pole set. This option is great for areas that anticipate large amounts of snow fall and need extra support.

The winter pole kit is essentially a oversized upright that provides extra support to the center ridge loads.

All our ridge fittings are designed to allow for the attachment of the winter pole kit.

Frames are sold separately. Nearly all wall tent owners are choosing our steel cabin style frame over traditional ridge and wall pole setups. However, we still make canvas tents and traditional pole set upon request.


The stove is the last step in purchasing a wall tent. Check out our stove section to learn about which stove might be right for you and your size tent.

Kirkhams Wall Tents

-The stove typically sits about 3 feet off the ground

- These sections are available in 4"x15" | 5"x20" | 5"x24" heights

- The spark arrest top attachment will prolong the life of your tent roof and is very much recommended.

- Allows you to control air flow to the stove.


under construction

To provide heat for your wall tent, your may choose to add one of the several models of quality wood-burning stoves we offer.

Our Wall Tent Stoves MUST Be Treated Prior To Use!

Step 1- Setup stove and pipe OUTSIDE of tent.

Step 2- Start stove with WOOD ONLY, no pellets or coal.

Step 3- Burn for 45 minutes to an hour.

This process seals the stove and burns off the toxic fumes from the steel finish. This MUST be done before using the stove! It is important that your stove pipe be a minimum of 3 feet above the ridge line of the tent. Always use a spark arrest and spark box.