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Vagabond Series Springbar Tents

#1 Preferred Scout Tent in America!
The Vagabond Series combines Springbar tent quality with a very affordable price. These tents are a great value for families or organizations looking to step up to The Best Tent Made in America, but who don't need all of the features of our deluxe models.

  • Includes poles, and one set of Power Peg Stake stakes.
  • Strong solid rope perimeter with "hooked" stake loops to keep tent standing in all types of weather.
  • Tough vinyl floor to protect against water and sharp objects.
  • Reinforced screen mesh with canvas perimeter.
  • Large back windows.
  • Don't be intimidated by weight, we include separate carry bags for poles and tent canvas.
  • Built 100% in the USA
  • Manufacture Warranty: Lifetime

G. Stockman

"I purchased my Springbar® Model 955 in the early '70s, around '74 or '75. I still have it and use it quite often. It is without a doubt the best tent I have ever owned."

Vagabond 4 Springbar Tent
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