For the technically inclined, our fabrics are Sunforger boat-shrunk marine-finish duck, a double-fill cotton canvas with a dry-finish silicone treatment for water repellency and mildew resistance.

This is not the canvas of your father's 1950s canvas tent. Go ahead and touch the roof or walls of a Springbar when it's raining outside it won't leak! This superior canvas is a double-fill material made up of two yarns twisted together in a durable "one-up, one-down" construction.

We use an 8.5 oz shelter duck in the walls and a heavier 10.1 oz Army duck in the roof and window panels of our Springbar tents. These fabrics have over 100 tough little double-fill threads per square inch, resulting in a very tight uniform weave that is naturally water resistant.

For extra insurance against water intrusion, our canvas is double-dipped in a Sunforger silicone treatment. You can't feel this treatment, it's integral to the fabric not simply applied to the surface. This "dry-finish" treatment is extremely durable, lasting up to decades. It also makes the canvas mildew resistant.

The combination of the tight weave and dry-finish treatment results in a material that is highly resistant to water intrusion yet extremely breathable so indoor humidity is kept within a comfortable range when compared to other fabrics.

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