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 Explore what makes Springbar tents superior to all others. Whether you're a dedicated and experienced camper, or are considering tent camping for the very first time, we invite you to discover how a Springbar tent can make your next outdoor adventure the most comfortable trip of your life time.

Like any good product you can expect to find look-a-likes and copycats, but don't be fooled by a cheaper price.

Here at Kirkham's we have been manufacturing Springbar tents for over 45 years. Trust us when we say that if it can be tried on a Springbar tent, we have tried it and watched it succeed or fail.

 Our expertise comes from years of customer and employee field study and improvement. Our warranty department has seen all types of repair issues and problems with previous tent models and we work hard to make positive improvements.

 So we mean it when we say that we offer the "Best Tent Made In America!"

Springbar tents are the best family camping, car camping, and rugged-use tents you can buy. With legendary durability, these superior canvas tents also offer great value for your camping dollar. The more you like to camp, the more you'll appreciate the unique features and impeccable craftsmanship built into every Springbar tent.

Explore below the features that make Springbar The Best Tent Made in America.

Springbar Stakes

Here at Kirkham's we cannot overemphasize the importance of our stake loops.

Without proper reinforcement from the stake loops, a Springbar Tent cannot stand up. Over the years we have evolved from a simple and inexpensive nylon loop and into our metal stake loop with a reinforced rope liner.

Let's be honest here...lining the bottom of a tent with a rope and wrapping in metal stake loops takes more time and effort in tent construction. After our repair department found the fabric loops were tearing after heavy use from sharp stakes we decided that putting in the extra reinforcement for our customers was worth the effort.

It's small differences like our stake loops that have created such a huge following with our tents, and makes us proud to sell and manufacture Springbar Tents.


Our "V" shaped doors are designed to extend the life of the YKK zipper and are backed with 40 years of experience.

Our windows are reinforced with Army Duck canvas to prevent wear and tear and to also reinforce against even the wettest weather. Zip a Springbar tent up tight, it won't collect or let in water. Even when it storms for days.

We use a very fine grade of "no-see-um" polyester netting in our screen windows and doors. This material allows breezes in, while keeping even the tiniest bugs out. The netting is treated to meet California fire-marshal flame retardant specification CPAI-84.

Springbar Window
Springbar Door


Springbar tents will exceed your expectations! If you are accustomed to tents that leak or come apart when the wind gets blowing, you'll be pleasantly surprised on your first trip with a Springbar.

We have been making our tents for over 40 years. In that time we have discovered that the fabric makes the difference. Most customers own their Springbar tents for 30 - 40 years!

Here at Kirkham's, we know this type of quality doesn't happen by accident. We painstakingly pick-out the highest quality canvas fabric on the market. When you don't have to buy another tent for 40 years you'll see the value in knowing good fabric.

Springbar tents are different from other tents. For starters, you'll notice that our tents don't have a rain fly. They don't need one. Our tents are made from a superior grade of 100% cotton canvas that is extremely water resistant and breathable. These tents remain cool and comfortable in hot, humid conditions.

Springbar Construction

We believe that a valuable long lasting tent begins with durable high quality fabric.

Finding the highest quality canvas fabric is a full time job here at Kirkham's. Our fabric buyers have searched the entire textile industry looking for the best of the best in canvas, synthetic, mesh, and vinyl fabric.

Setting the standard of high quality fabrics started from the very beginning with the inventor of the Springbar® tent design, Jack Kirkham Sr. Our factory has even gone so far as to reject an entire shipment of fabric because it won't hold up to our manufacture standards.

Our dedication to making the perfect product has kept Springbar® tent manufacturing in the states and will keep your tent working great for years and years.

Springbar Frame

The superior design of the Springbar frame is backed up by using the highest quality metal. Our two-piece ridge is double-walled aluminum-and-steel tubing; that's right, a tube inside of a tube. Try to find that kind of tubing strength in any other tent on the market!

The tent body is sprung from four solid spring-steel tension rods. These steel tension bars fit into a solid cast aluminum "tee" fitting on the end of the Half Ridge. Then, the entire top-frame assembly is supported by two adjustable aluminum uprights which are double-walled in the upper section. Not to be confused with the smaller awning poles that support the portico and canopy.

We don't skimp on the small details, either. Our tents use the industry's best YKK self-healing coil zippers with nickel sliders for long life.

To attach stake loops, we sew a heavy rope hem into the perimeter of the tent where the floor meets the sidewalls and wrap a steel wire stake loop around it. Unlike webbing stake loops found on just about every other tent, our stake loops won't tear out when the wind really gets blowing!


Springbar tents have amazing wind stability and stand up to the worst weather imaginable. We often hear the following story (with variations) from our customers: there was the "big storm" that blew through their campground and the only tents left standing were the Springbar tents!

Our tents have been time-tested in the harshest environments. If you camp, you're likely to see them in Utah's canyons, the high passes of the Rockies, the windy plains of West Texas, and the base camp of Mount Everest. Though you probably don't plan to take your Springbar on a high-mountain expedition, isn't it nice to know that you could?


Springbar canvas tents are manufactured in Kirkham's Salt Lake City factory, just as they have been for over 40 years.

These tents are made one at a time, by hand, not mass produced in an off-shore factory. Our dedication to maintaining a high standard of quality is the reason we still make them locally.

We have an outstanding staff of experienced tentmakers who specialize in constructing the highest quality tents you can buy. Some of the construction techniques that we use take more time, but when you're building the Best Tent Made in America there can be no shortcuts.

To ensure that every Springbar® tent meets our high standards, every tent is set up in the factory and thoroughly inspected before being packaged for sale. Our carefully selected materials and fanatical attention to detail results in a tent that you can count on to last for many years of pleasurable camping.


Everything Kirkham's manufacturers — from Springbar® Tents and canopies, to classic AAA wall tents, to canvas car-top luggage carriers, to our specialty items like dutch-oven and stove covers, are sold directly to you at the lowest possible price. We don't wholesale our products, so there are no middlemen. Our pricing on our manufactured goods reflects the quality that we put into making these items, not the markup that would be required if we sold through a third-party. Rest assured that you when you buy a product made by Kirkham's, you are truly getting what you pay for.

With everyday direct-to-consumer pricing, our policy is to offer fair price and keep it the same year-round. Put simply, we don't build in extra margin into our tent pricing only to advertise "sale" prices. You can a purchase a Springbar anytime with the confidence that you are always getting the best possible price; you won't find it cheaper next week or next month.


These handy organizers help keep camp clutter to a minimum. We’ve made tabs along the top of our tents to have more adjustably for our organizers. One adjustable gear loft and one adjustable organizer is included with our Deluxe Campsite 3, Traveler 5, and Family Camper 7 Springbar® tents.

Springbar Organizers
Springbar Door


The unique Springbar design is not only strong, it's also super easy to set up! Our strong frames have a minimal number of poles to keep track of and no ropes necessary for a secure pitch. Once you've experienced the ease with which these tents go up, you'll be spoiled for life.

Remember! The first time you setup your new Springbar® tent give it a good soaking with a hose to "shock" the fabric. This will tighten up the fabric and seams, making it even more water resistant. Let it dry completely and you will be ready for any kind of weather.

Download a PDF
  • Classic Springbar Tent - If you have an Outfitter, Compact, Campsite, Traveler, Family Camper, Colossus or Vagabond tent, this is the guide to download. This guide also applies to many older discontinued external-frame models.
  • Canopy Setup Guide - How to rig the standard front canopy that comes included with many deluxe Springbar models.
  • Expandable Tents - Setup instructions for the 7199 Expandable tent.
  • Screen House - Instructions for setting up a Springbar Family Shade or Family Room screen tent.
  • Superport - The Superport shade canopy is a little more difficult to set up in an exact square, so check out the instructions.
  • Cabana - The Cabana is a bit different and includes frame is on the inside of the tent.

Springbar Ground Tarps

A ground cloth is the best way to prolong the life of your tent floor, protecting it against abrasion and punctures. Lay out the ground tarp first for protection against dirt and debris while setting up and taking down the tent.

Tired of sweeping up sand and dirt that gets tracked into your tent? This handy roll-up canvas door mat can help. It comes with hooks to latch on to your stake loops and a pair of stakes to secure it to the ground in front of the door.

Springbar Door Mats

Tired of sweeping up sand and dirt that gets tracked into your tent? This handy roll-up door mat can help. It comes with hooks to latch on to your stake loops and a pair of stakes to secure it to the ground in front of the door.

Our Deluxe Door Mat is wider, comes with nail stakes to stake inside of grommets for a flush door mat. The Standard Door Mat comes with webbing stake loops and plastic pegs.


It's only natural that when something gets used. It can break. Our tents are not like other tents that become useless when they get damaged.

We have a repair department. We specialize in fixing and replacing zippers, patching holes in canvas, nylon, and even mesh netting.

We carry replacement parts for all of our Springbar® models, including our 40 year old models.

So if or when your tent needs a little TLC. Contact us and watch us breath new life into your favorite tent!

Recommended Supplies

Springbar Portico

The Portico Panels are a great addition to any Springbar that would like to the most shade, or wind protection available.

The Portico Panels are zip-on extensions made from waterproof Nylon Oxford Cloth. We encourage everyone to get the Portico Pole Kit to get the most from your Portico Panels. The Portico Pole Kit allows you to elevate one or both wings to create a wide front shaded area.

The Deluxe Awning Kit allows you to elevate one or both wings to create a wide front shaded area.

If your Springbar tent doesn't have zippers on each side of the canopy, you will need the Deluxe Portico Awning (older version).


The Everest Millennium Expedition was successful in positioning GPS equipment at the summits of Mt. Everest, East Lhotse, and Nuptse South. Veteran climbers Pete Athans and Bill Crouse used these receivers to ultimately make the most accurate measurement of Mt. Everest - 7 feet taller than perviously thought - now known to be 29,035 ft.

Bill and Pete chose a Springbar® Tent as their "nerve center" tent at Camp 2. The Springbar® tent selected by Pete Athans and Bill Crouse for the Everest Millennium Expedition was the Model 7001. A 10' X 14' version of the Family Camper. Minor modifications were made, but the tent was essentially the same as our regular stock model.

This nerve center at 21,300 ft. was a community center for the entire crew. All the cooking was done in the tent as well as eating all meals, drinking tea, or just getting together.

Springbar Everest
Springbar Everest


Kirkham’s developed the Springbar Highline Series of imported tents for two primary reasons: 1) to increase year-round availability of Springbar Tents due to limited production capacity at our USA factory and 2) to offer a high quality Springbar Canvas Tent at the best possible price. The Highline Series is not intended to replace our USA made tents. We are extremely proud of our domestic Springbar Tents and a tradition of USA manufacturing that goes back more than 50 years. It is of utmost importance for us to uphold our tradition of USA made tents and will continue USA production to the fullest extent possible.

Our decision to expand Springbar Tent production with the Highline Series was not made lightly and has required years of hard work and refinement to produce an imported tent that meets our strict quality standards and is worthy of the Springbar name. We are very proud of the level of quality we have achieved with the Highline Series and are committed to continual improvement moving forward. The Highline Series is built in a high-end tent making facility near Yangzhou, China that has produced tents and bags for some of the highest regarded US and European brands in the outdoor industry. The facility is exceptionally clean and modern with good working conditions and even has a community garden onsite—all of these factors were important to us when selecting the right manufacturing partner.

The principal differences between the Highline Series and our Springbar USA tents relate primarily to the fabric and poles. Both tents feature a very high quality tightly woven 100% Cotton Duck. The Springbar® USA Tents feature fabric finished with the proprietary Sunforger® domestic treatment. The canvas in the Highline series uses a silicone-based treatment similar to the Sunforger®, but technically not quite as water repellent, but will provide very good protection in most conditions.

The poles in the Springbar® USA Tents are made of aluminum with steel reinforcement, making them relatively lightweight and durable. The Springbar® Highline series use all steel poles, making them durable but heavier. A nice feature offered in the Highline series is a 3-piece upright pole, making the overall pole package more compact. BOTH tents feature adjustable canopy and upright poles – an important feature that allows for correct tensioning if canvas stretches or shrinks as well as uneven terrain.

Both tents share the unique feature of wrap-around wire stake loops, which ensure long-term reliability compared to sewn webbing loops. There are other differences in accessories and specific features of both tents, which would be a subjective comparison depending on what is important to the individual.

If you would like more details please give us a call at our store 1-801-486-4161. Domestic and Highline Springbar® Tents are on display at our store at 3125 South State Street in Salt Lake City.


We apologize if the Springbar® Tent you are interested in is not available for immediate delivery. While we are grateful for the demand that has caused this situation, we also understand that this might cause you some frustration.

SO... NOW WHAT? All we can say is that purchasing a Springbar® Tent is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase - many owners report uses of 20, 30, even 40 years of good service. That's not just a good product, it's also a great VALUE when you calculate the cost per year. Pre-purchasing your Springbar® tent online now will put your name on our waiting list to get the next tent that comes out of our factory in Salt Lake City, Utah. The longer you wait the longer the list can get.

We do post an "Approximate Finish Date" for each tent, but please understand that is the earliest we predict the tent will be finished, and not shipped or ready for pick-up. We, unfortunately, can not rush orders through as our tents are a first-come, first-served basis. Please let us know when you purchase your tent if you have a camping trip coming up, so we can do our best to accommodate. One of the reasons our domestic tents are so great is our factory workers, and if they get sick or need time off, the date will be later. Also, other issues can arise from our pole and fabric manufacturers. Please note the estimated finish date could be a couple weeks late.

So hurry and purchase the "Best Tent Made in America®" today!


Thank you for your interest in our Springbar® Tents. Please see the link below to learn what tents are available for purchase in Japan.