Dear Springbar,

Camping ‚Texas style!

I must say thanks. The Cub Scout group of Pack 1680 in Richmond, Texas had their fall campout this year at Lake Livingston State Park and I couldn't wait to get to use my nice, new, Texas Big Springbar Family Camper 7 tent. What and outstanding tent! I must say, this is the best tent I've ever used, no questions about it. Not only is it good looking inside and out, but it is the easiest tent I've ever put up. The detail in quality found in the canvas, zippers and design is like none other. I had my family of 5 with all their gear easily stowed in our Springbar tent. I also had several nearby campers come over and comment on how nice our tent looked; they had never seen that type of design before. They sat and watched me put it up and could not believe how fast I had everything in place. They said,that‚ what prompted us to come over and take a closer look.

I am so glad we dumped all the bungee poles and rain fly‚ and other frustrating stuff‚ and bought the Springbar; actually my wife gave me the go-ahead and go-ahead I did. I think she too was also very surprised with all the room we had and how easy it was to setup and tear down compared to what we had in the past. There all ready to go again.

Thanks again for a great tent!

Shane Kittman

Richmond, Texas"

"I started reading Springbar® tent reviews on the internet. There were a lot of reviews and there seemed to be quite a rabid "fan base". So I went to your web site. Your site answered every question I had about the tent, the company and the history. It showed me every single model of tent you make, and all the dimensions. The web pages showed me top, front and rear views of the tent. The spec pages were perfect. I appreciated the attention paid to the pages that described the type of canvas that was used and all the other parts such as the zipper (an extremely important part), etc. Also - and this was big - a page where I can buy parts if I manage to break or lose mine!!!"

"There are only a hand full of places to get canvas tents. In this economy, if you make a superior product then I want you to survive so my kids can grow up and get a good tent."

no address

"My wife and I have done quite a bit of camping in the past, and as a Scoutmaster for the local Boy Scout Troop, I camp several times a year just with the Scouts. The tents that I've have now (I have 3-4 for various uses) all have one thing in common: No-See-Um mesh in the roof and a rain fly. The tents my Scout Troop uses, while high quality tents, share the same basic design (mesh roof and fly)."

"For our anniversary this year, we've decided to attend Burning Man at the end of the summer. We've done quite a bit of research as we try to make sure we're prepared for the week in the desert, and hands down Springbar® tents are recommended again and again. Between the dust and the winds (which I'm told can be quite high - 70 mph) tents following the mainstream 3-season design tend to fill up with dust as there is no way to close or seal the mesh panels, and more than occasionally are destroyed by the high winds. Your tents are said to be almost completely dust proof, and stand up to the fiercest winds the Nevada desert throws at them. Also, anecdotal evidence indicates they stay cooler in the morning as the sun is coming up and folks are sleeping in after a late night on the playa. We're both 50, and we want to be secure and comfortable during the event. It seems a Springbar® tent is one of the best ways to accomplish that goal."

"We chose the Vagabond 7 because it was specifically recommended in the discussions with past Burning Man participants, and laos because we recently adopted two little girls. We wanted a family tent so we can pass on our love of camping (and maybe a tent, too!) to our little girls."

Dave "Ozzie" Osborne
no address

"Both my colleague and I are Photographers/Videographers and planned a trip to rural southern Mississippi for a photo expedition for the weekend. I carried my new Springbar® Traveler 5 for shelter during our duration there. Fresh out the bag we both setup the tent in a short time and had no troubles doing so at all. The craftsmanship of the tent speaks volumes compared to your normal everyday "dome-type" tents that many purchase. As luck would have it, the weather for our area that night called for heavy thunderstorms as a cold front was to move in. What we and our Traveler 5 endured that night was pure weather hell! Listening to my weather radio we were in the sights of tornadic activity which one did touch down on the small town of Magee, MS just 9 miles away. The rain and wind pounded us all night, but we remained snug and dry in the tent, almost unbelievable. Saturday night found us enduring low temps in the 40's in which we used a certified indoor/outdoor heater that kept the tent relatively warmer than outside...I was really surprised."

"All in all I love the tent and its trustworthy passed the "TEST!" I am looking forward to many more photo expeditions as well as camping trips with my 3-year old very soon. Here are a few images of our location and the Traveler 5 w/ Portico in Mt. Olive, MS."

"Thank you."

Proud Springbar® Owner,
Scott J. Owens
no address

"I received the replacement pole today. Thanks for the swift service, and thanks for making such a fine product. I've used my Springbar® Campsite tent for three years, with its big annual test a week of harsh desert elements at the Burning Man festival in northern Nevada. It is roomy, flexible and strong. Thanks."

John Hanron

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"Thanks a lot for the email. I'm very excited about this tent. I've been doing a lot of research and this seemed like the best of the best. You see, I'm moving to Santa Cruz, CA for a six month organic farming apprenticeship, and the Springbar® will be my home until October."

Thanks again,

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"After a four day camping trip in 2008 we decided it was time to purchase a new tent. We wanted something that: we could enter and exit standing up, had space inside, was 6 ft. tall everywhere inside, was easy to pitch, and was waterproof. We started to look for cabin tents and I became very discouraged by the combination of high price and lack of quality that seems to be present with most tents sold today. I was also put off by the fact that most tents appeared to be made in China. Then I came across a couple comments on internet forums where people where raving about their Springbar® brand tents."

"After researching Springbar® tents on-line, and receiving answers to our questions from your company, we decided Springbar® tents had all the features we were looking for in our next tent."

"Originally we were interested in the 10x14 Family Camper 7, but we ended up purchasing the 10x10 Traveler 5. Many of the state and national parks in the east coast now have designated tent pads for pitching tents. These tent pads vary in size with some as small as 9x12 or 10x10. 12x12 and 13x13 pads seem to be the more common sizes in our area, so the Family Camper 7 tent was not an option for us."

Chris MacDonald

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"I was really surprised to find the tent had already arrived when I returned home from work today! I am very impressed at how fast your service is. I found out about you from my brother-in-law who was a scoutmaster for several years. I'm the Young Women's president in our ward and we needed a new tent for YW camps so I asked my brother-in-law what type of tent would be best and where to get it. He was a great help and said that Kirkhams was definitely the best place to find a good quality tent. The web site was great, also. I was happy that I didn't have to make a trip to SLC to get the tent, and then to have it arrive so soon, I am really pleased."

"Thank you for doing such a great job! Have a wonderful Christmas!"

Danette Houston

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"My parents bought a Springbar® tent almost 40 years ago when they still lived in Salt Lake City. We are still using it and it is in great shape. Had to replace one zipper in the door and a few patches here and there but it still looks and works great. Very simple tent to use and very rugged. Last summer I wanted to borrow it and found out my brother was already using it so I decided it was time to buy my own. They are a lifetime tent if you take care of them right. Was very happy to see that Springbar® is still around."


Eddie Hill
Driggs, Idaho

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"Received my Springbar® Traveler today. I did inspect the tent and poles that came with it and was very well pleased. Good quality all the way around. Very stout and heavy duty poles, good quality tent material, reinforced stake loops. I can see why these tents hold up."

"Folks, forget about the "knock off" that is made overseas and sold elsewhere; spend the extra dime and get a Springbar® " you will be glad you did. Chances are, I may never need another tent, but if I do it will be a Springbar®."

Vincent B.
Rockingham, NC

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"To break-in our new Springbar® Campsite 3 tent we decided to go to Joshua Tree National Park during the last week of April 2008. We chose Indian Cove campground a little southwest of Twenty nine Palms and had the tent pitched in about 18 minutes including a ground cloth (practice at home helped). Up until this time we had done our camping in a small 2-person North Face tent. We came away impressed by the ease with which this tent pitches, its quality of construction and sturdiness. And the feeling you get during the day while sitting inside the tent is one of peace and relaxation due to the cool green sides, white roof and windows. Ventilation is fantastic. Sheer luxury in the wild!"

Lee and Patsy S.
Sacramento, California

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"For anywhere within reasonable reach of motor or animal transport, the Springbar® is definitely my tent of choice. My tents have withstood gale-force winds and have done so through two-month field seasons, year after year. They are impregnable to damage from UV (except the bug screens), the zippers are first-rate; the tents are bomb-proof. They remind me of the dreadnoughts " battleships " of WWII: they could take hit after hit and keep going. This is all the more incredible, given the size and height (which are real advantages to these tents, particularly for prolonged field seasons), and consequent surface area exposed to wind."

Rich C.

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"Last year I bought a wall tent from your company. It is a 16 x 20, 10.1 oz [Army Duck] canvas wall tent. I set it up last deer season and stayed in it for 14 days. It was wonderful. I have a 24-foot travel trailer that is now for sale. This tent was warm, dry and sturdy. I bought a five dog size stove to keep it warm and it worked great. The rain fly you have is sure worth the money. I see a lot of people using a plastic tarp, which does save money, but your rain fly is far better. Worth every cent I paid for it. Thanks for a great tent."

Jim D.
Ozark, MO

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"Wow! Great customer service. My wife and I recently purchased a Traveler 5 tent at your retail store in Salt Lake City, Utah. As a family, we camped out for our first outing at Arches National Park near Moab, Utah. We were so excited to set up the tent for the first time and finally SLEEP while camping. The tent set up and looked excellent. We did notice however, that there was a small (pinhole) sized hole in the canvas material. This concerned us due to the fact that we are looking to use this tent for years to come and eventually pass it down to our kids so that they can also enjoy the great outdoors."

"Our fear was that the small hole would eventually fray and create a larger hole. Well, I called up your retail store and spoke with a very friendly customer service representative. I explained the dilemma and was pleasantly surprised when I was told to simply bring the tent in and it would be either fixed or replaced. My wife just called me on my cellular telephone and told me that she brought the tent in and it was exchanged without any questions asked. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful tent. But thank you even more for honoring your word at the time of exchanging or fixing the tent. Please publish this letter as it should instill faith in your company."

Brian B.
West Wendover, Nevada

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"I just went down to Arches National Park with my brother and two nephews for three days/nights and was very happy with the way my tent stood up to the winds there. There were two other Springbar® tents there I talked to one of the tent owners who had just purchased his Springbar® five days prior and he told me of his trip to Arches last year with a dome tent when the winds broke two sets of his poles."

"I would highly recommend going to Arches if you haven't been there yet because the campgrounds are amazing and the trails and sights are even better. It was by far the best camping trip that we all had taken and I would just like to thank Kirkham's for making such an awesome tent."

Patrick R.
West Jordan, Utah

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"I purchased my first Springbar® over 20 years ago, after stumbling onto your store when I lived in Salt lake. I got the smallest model, as it was within my budget, but it proved adequate for two. I had two other tents at the time, but favored the Springbar® for its incredible wind stability, breathability, and insulative properties in cooler weather. Your tent wore like iron. The only problem I ever had was with the zippers, which gave way after a few years. I should have just gotten it professionally repaired, instead of squeezing the fastener from time to time with needle-nose pliers. But I had given the tent away before buying my second Springbar®."

That tent was also the Compact model, but the dimensions were slightly bigger. I would have some zipper issues down the line with the flap that covers the door. This time around, however, I didn't discard the tent. Your tents simply are the best quality, best workmanship I have ever seen in a tent. And that tent today looks pretty much like it did back in 1995. If you take care of it, such as by using a ground cloth, letting it dry completely, staked after rains, it seems to last forever."

This past spring, I purchased another, bigger Springbar® " the Campsite 3 model " which I got for a little more roominess, including allowing for standing up, ideal for when keeping a camping base for several days at a stretch. I'm sure it will serve me just as well."

Al H.
Surprise, Arizona

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"My grandparents were given their Springbar® tent in 1963 as a wedding gift, and almost 45 years later they still use it when going on fishing trips."

"I recently received a Springbar® Vagabond 6 for a wedding present from my grandparents, and expect 45+ years of happy memories."

"Thanks, Kirkham's for a great product!"

M. Ivie
Redondo Beach, CA

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"Just another story of several days of wind, rain and snow. Probably no guessing on your part that our Springbar® stayed nice and dry and the tent didn't budge. The harder the wind blew the more solid the tent seemed to become. It almost seems like the Springbar® design diverts and transfers the wind's energy downward rather then sideways, helping to keep the shelter planted to the ground rather then blowing away."

"But the best was a San Rafael trip with our Springbar® and a small heater. It was cold and windy, very cold and windy. Frozen water jug cold. Here we were surrounded by Toy Haulers. Guess where everyone ended up our Springbar®. Nice, roomy, warm (t-shirts inside) and lots of laughs at the expense of those who could not manage to keep their Toy Hauler warm. The boys from Colorado were quite impressed."

"And I, too, will not be a repeat customer. Short of a lightning strike my Springbar® will outlast me and I use it a lot, in all kinds of weather."

Bradley Z.
address not given

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"I've been running a summer paleontological expedition in the Bighorn Basin for more than 25 years. Springbar® tents are the only tents we've ever had that stand up to the wind and other weather conditions of the Wyoming badlands."

Ken R., Professor, John Hopkins University
Baltimore, Maryland

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"Great job on quality. My wife asked me why didn't we get a tent like this in the first place."

John S.
Fitchburg, MA

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"We embarked on our first of hopefully many camping trips early this summer. Our family is young and growing. Owen, age 3, and Kennedy, age 1, did spectacularly on our trial run, a one night trip to Larrabee state park. This was the first use of our new Springbar® Family Camper tent. It was an easy, one-person set-up, was well made and spacious. I'm very happy."

" I shopped around for the better part of a month (on-line and in person) looking for the best-constructed, and what would seem to be, the longest-lasting family tent available. I found it. This tent is fantastically constructed and I'm sure it will last our family's lifetime. Thank you, Springbar®. Note to tent-shoppers: If you're reading this and don't have a Springbar® tent, GET ONE. You won't be disappointed."

Tim F.
Seattle, Washinton

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"I was married for 20 years. Last year my husband suffered a mid-life crisis. He decided he wanted to be single again so he could pursue a woman of means. He packed up everything he could carry, including the beloved tent (we loved to camp). I was devastated over the loss of the tent! I searched the Internet to find a replacement not for my husband, but for a tent! I found Springbar® online and liked what I saw. I ordered a new tent and celebrated with a camping trip for me and the family dog! "

"Thanks to Springbar®, I'm a very happy and content woman again. Just goes to show you that there is life after divorce if you have a Springbar®! I got a better tent that I can set up by myself and it is much nicer than the one I lost. What a great trade!"

Julie G.
Bayfield, Colorado

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"Wanted to let you know that my tent showed up at my porch on Friday. My husband and I set it up Sunday I expected a quality tent but I got a lot more than I expected while I was impressed with the workmanship in putting the canvas together with attention to details and the quality of materials used, he was mostly impressed with the weight and design of the poles."

"Thanks for your help and the great service and for making such a fine tent."

Jackie M.

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"Last month I joined my boss for a trip to the LaSal Mountains on the Colorado side. We set up his Springbar® tent at the side of a small reservoir. On our second day there, the wind kicked up and pounded the area. Three trees fell around the tent, but the tent itself did not budge."

Zach G., Mgr. Information Systems
Med USA, Inc.

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"We bought the our Traveler just a little over a year ago and made four trips with it this season. We decided to buy a Springbar® based upon numerous stories we read in various online forums from long-time owners telling of their experiences with the tent in foul weather. On our first three trips we enjoyed the ease of setup and the luxury of having a stand-up tent, but on our fourth trip we got hammered in the middle of the night by a pounding east-coast thunderstorm."

"Most of the other tents in our camp were blown apart, or their occupants soaked to the bone, while we remained high-and-dry. The next morning everyone else was frustrated, angry, upset, and damp except us. This tent has made camping easier, more comfortable and less stressful. What more could we ask? Thanks!"

Bill R.,
Annapolis, Maryland

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"Three years ago I purchased the 7199 [Expandable] tent, the 2813 Bedroom, and the 811 Canopy (with screens). I have to tell you that I have yet to look back at my decision with anything but continued excitement. Prior to getting the Springbar®[s] we had all but stopped camping."

"Thanks to Kirkham′s, our outdoor time together has continued to grow. The quality of these tents is unmatched. Thanks for being there, and for making such an unbelievably fantastic product."

Randy B.
South Jordan, Utah

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"This is my fourth Springbar® tent purchase (one was a gift). I love these tents!"

Paul F.
San Carlos, California

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"My father first purchased a [modular] Springbar® tent in 1968. 14 years later my husband and I received one for a wedding gift. Now, nearly 24 years later, my son and his new wife would like to purchase one. We live in northern California and have enjoyed many camping trips to the beach and mountains. Many times we were made fun of because of our "old-fashioned" canvas tents, but who do you think was laughing when the wind and rain picked up and WE were nice and dry and warm?!"

"Our family still has the original tents my father purchased in 1968 and we enjoy using them to this day. We wouldn't buy anything else."

Carrie G.
Sacramento, California

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"Through August 2004, I spent countless hours researching a variety of canvas tents. I was in search of the "perfect one." What prompted this search was the decision of my then-fiance-and-now-wife to honeymoon in the first place we went camping together, Jackson Hole Lake, British Columbia."

"I stumbled upon Kirkham's web site by complete accident after more research I contacted Kirkham's and went through an entire gamut of questions about quality. [The salesman] spoke about his family using their Springbar® tent to travel all over the midwest US. I was finally hooked. I ordered the Family Camper."

"Approximately one week later the tent was sitting at my in-laws. I was explaining to my future father-in-law what our plans were for our honeymoon. He thought we were nuts. That was until we put the tent up. We were tripping over each other admiring the workmanship and quality. When my wife saw it she was thoroughly impressed. She commented that it was big enough to bring kids camping."

"We married on September 25, 2004. We had camp set up in our own little paradise on September 27th. We set up a table, two chairs, queen-size air mattress and all our gear. There was still room to move around easily. At 6'3", 220 lbs, I was able to stand straight up to get dressed, which I've never done in my old tent. We were able to hang and store clothes and based on my calculations, we had room for a child's bed. A year later we had our first baby daughter, Avery."

"With all that said, I'm busy spreading the word to all my friends in Canada who enjoy camping: This tent is simply the best money can buy."

Clint, Laura and Avery
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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"I purchased my Springbar® Model 955 in the early '70s, around '74 or '75. I still have it and use it quite often. It is without a doubt the best tent I have ever owned."

G. Stockman
Lancaster, California

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"I took my 10-year-old Springbar® on a recent trip to the High Uintas. During our trip, we ran into a few backpackers that had packed in and had some light duty tents. We horsed-in to make camp and of course took our 10x10 [Springbar®]. Needless to say, after two days of continuous snow and hard weather, we had some company, and probably some new customers."

"Nothing is as good in the hard wind and hard weather we have here in Utah. Props to the Springbar® people, and too bad they won't have me as a customer again the tent is so solid, I think it will outlive me."

K. Barnes
Spanish Fork, Utah

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"Labor day week of 2005 our family went to Bryce Canyon. While there, two severe rain-, hail- and over-50-mile-per-hour-wind storms hit two days in a row. In our group were three Springbar® tents and two other makes. Two of the Springbars® were at least 12 to 14 years old and one was of the old design that was at least 35 years old. All three performed as though new and kept the elements out and keeping us all warm and dry."

"To the dismay of the others in our group that had other [tent] brands, they had wet equipment and had to dry everything out each day. The tents made by Springbar® are the best money can buy! For 2006 I plan on purchasing the 8 person so that all of our family group can camp protected from [everything] that nature hits us with!"

Steve and Susan P.
Magna Utah

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"My dad bought one of your two-man Springbar® pup tents in the late 60s when I was a youngster. We used that tent on many, many family and Scouting camp outs. It has been though every kind of weather: high wind, rain, snow, and sleet. It has never let us down. On one occasion when every other tent at a Lake Michigan campground was blown down by a sudden squall, our little Springbar® remained standing. That tent is still in use today (my brother has it, lucky devil) and it still looks like new, believe it or not! I have used many other tents, but I have not found one to match the Springbar® for its simple design, efficiency, and ruggedness. Also I don′t think most folks appreciate the advantage that a canvas tent has over nylon tent for breathability and comfort."

"Now, I am looking to buy a tent for my family and I was searching for one that could closely approximate the qualities of the Springbar® (I didn′t know Springbar® was still in business). Here in Michigan, you can′t even find canvas tents. On a hunch, I decided to look you up on the Internet. Imagine my delight to find that you are still making the same great tents. Some folks might balk at the higher price you pay over cheaper nylon but I see it as a great value and I can′t wait to get one."

D. Lichtenberg

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"just a huge note of thanks after storing the tent for several years I was still able to put it up in 15 minutes. Wow, talk about perfection in design. Kirkham's makes the best tents in the world!"

P. Gibson
no address

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"The Springbar® Campsite canvas tent is the perfect car camping tent for two campers.Click here to read the entire review of the Campsite Tent."

David Sweet
Camping Guide

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"HELP! That's what we were yelling when one of our canoes recently capsized on Squam Lake (New Hampshire) under a heavy wind. We were making the two-mile paddle back to shore after spending five days on an island campsite. With the weight of our gear and a sudden windstorm on the open lake, we started taking on water from the wind-whipped waves. One boat capsized and the other flooded. Luckily, three motorboats responded to our signal and were able to fish our family of seven from the water."

"We managed to rescue most of our gear, including our Springbar® Campsite Tent which was a present to us from my father shortly after our marriage 15 years ago. We're glad we saved it as it has more than just camping value, it carries memories of training our kids to love the outdoors. It has kept us dry and happy year after year, while other campers around us wake up wet and ornery after an Adirondack thunderstorm or an infamous Nor'easter"

M. McQuivey
Needham, Maine

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"We discovered Springbar® about four years ago while searching for a quality tent online. Your tent is not only the best tent made in America, it's the best tent ever made anywhere, period. We won't buy any other tent now that we've discovered yours."

Jim H, Harlan H, Mike D and Mike M
Chicago, Illinois

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"We purchased a Springbar® Tent approximately 17 years ago. We traveled through the USA, England and Europe in it, and now do the occasional holiday back home in New Zealand. Best tent we ever had! Everybody asks where we got it..."

New Zealand

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"I am writing this letter to tell you how completely satisfied I am with my Springbar® Tent. I have my tent now for about nine years. Every time I go out hunting or fishing and set up my tent, people come by and comment on my tent."

"When I first got my tent, I took it hunting in late October up to extreme northern Nevada about 200 miles from civilization. When I arrived it was late at night and the wind was blowing and threatening to snow. My buddies were skeptical about the tent holding up in the wind through the night. One even wanted to sleep in the truck for fear the tent would blow down. When we woke the next morning we had about four inches of snow on the ground. The tent held up great; I think the wind blew about 30 MPH that night and we slept real warm and dry."

"Since that experience I was completely sold on your product. I have never had a tent that performs that well in the most extreme conditions. I like the heavy zippers, the perfect-sized windows that can be partially opened or closed depending on the circumstances, and the heavy duty walls and floor. I could go on and on about my tent and the wonderful experiences I have had with it. If you ever have anyone who is skeptical about buying one of your tents, just send them to me and I will tell them about the fun times I've had with mine and how well it holds up and lasts. Again, thank you for making such a great tent."

M. Wilson
Reno, Nevada

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"Thank you for manufacturing such a quality product. It's a rare thing these days."


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"We have had the Bedroom Tent for one year now and love it! We take it everywhere we go and can't wait to expand and take camping with Springbar® to another level. They are the best tents you could ever find!"

T & J Sanders
Salt Lake City, Utah

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"Early summer of 1997 as scoutmaster I took our boy scout troop to Goblin Valley, Utah. The campground was at capacity with all kinds of tents, including one large military tent that we had all our 14 scouts in. I had a fiberglass-pole/ nylon-dome-type tent along with nearly every other camper there. A storm rolled in that evening that started with high winds and rain. At 10 PM, I abandoned my tent for the back of another leader′s truck that had a shell. At midnight the rain torrents struck and I ran out and pulled the poles out of my tent to prevent the rest of them braking. It was just flopping in the wind and several poles had been shattered. At 2 AM, I looked out and could only see a couple of dark shapes that indicated only two tents standing in the whole campground."

"The large military tent was flattened with a bunch of bumps showing the scouts were still in there, wrapped in their sleeping bags. One of the scouts came and told me the main support (a 3-inch wooden pole) had broken and "what should they do?" I said, "climb back in the tent and go to sleep there′s not much we can do under current conditions." At 4 AM, the scout troop next to us got up, stuffed everything wet and soaking into the back of their pickup, and headed home. At 6 AM, it was starting to get light and the storm was subsiding. At 7 AM, I crawled out of the truck; the storm was gone and the sunlight was beginning to come over the canyon rim. It looked like a war zone. Everything was strewn around, every single tent was either ripped or shredded and all were flat on the ground except for two tents that stood like monuments in the surrounding destruction. They were both Springbars®."

"From that day, I have trusted only Springbars® as the best tents on the planet. I only approve Springbars® for scouting equipment and know I can get a good night sleep, regardless of the weather, when I′m in a Springbar®."

M. Pitts
Former Scoutmaster & currently Organization Sponsor Chair, Troop 0129
Draper, Utah

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"[Our] tent is a 1965 vintage internal-frame Springbar®. It is all original equipment except for the stakes. It has survived wind storms at Flaming Gorge, dust storms at Martins Cove and extended cloudbursts in the Uintas. Never failed us in any way."

B. Wallace
Highland, Utah

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"My family of five went to the Sand Dunes on Easter Weekend, 2005. It was our first time using a Springbar® Tent. Setting it up and taking it down was very easy. Saturday morning we got up to 3 inches of snow. The tent never got a drop of water in it and the roof was weighed down by the snow and the tent stayed stable and very warm. I've owned many tents and NOTHING stood up to my Springbar®. I would take it anywhere and feel confident in any weather."

The Fox Family
Salt Lake City, Utah

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"We wanted to provide our participants with the most comfortable accommodations possible, while always considering the intense heat and wind that are environmental constants in the Lower Pecos. Thanks to Kirkham′s Springbar® Tents, both of these objectives were met. The tents were roomy enough to comfortably handle the provisions and gear. The first day it was a scorching 103 degrees outside, with the wind blowing constantly. I was very impressed with the ventilation the light exterior color and net panels really make a difference."

"Our third night in camp, a series of thunderstorms blew through, strong enough to disable two local radio/cell phone towers. I just knew the tent was going to blow over or collapse. But the storm passed and amazingly, the tent looked like nothing had happened. By the time the third storm came through, I knew that I wasn′t going to blow down the hill into the river that my son and I were as safe as possible in our sweet tent."

"Thank you for providing such a superior product."

R. Lyle, Associate Director
Harrington Research Field School
Comstock, Texas

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"My old tent (1980-81 Springbar®) is still my ol' time favorite of favorite tents."


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"We love our Springbars®. I grew up with them. We still use my Dad's 30+ year-old tents."

G. Tanner
Kaysville, Utah

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"Outfitting in the canyon country of southern Utah is extremely demanding on our equipment; scorching desert sun, torrential cloudbursts and gale-force winds happen frequently and often within the same half hour! The Springbar® tents we use at all our base camps handle all that the wilderness can dish out and are ready for more. The various models can accommodate any group size and the spacious interior and generous headroom is welcomed by all the staff, especially the camp cook who no longer resembles a question mark after hunching over in a smaller tent for five days."

"For ease of setup, functionality, durability and value, Springbar® tents are simply without peer."

T. Severns
"Head Hare"
Wild Hare Expeditions
Torrey, Utah

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"I have an Expandable Tent, which I have had for some 30 years. We have certainly enjoyed this tent and the Bedroom that zips onto it."

Murray, Utah

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"I just wanted to say thank you for recommending your custom wall tent for my hunting and camping trips. As we discussed when I was deciding what material, frame and size, that this tent would be subject to long and hard use. The 15 x 17 has been perfect for all my uses. I have had my tent for more than 7 years and plan to have and use it for many more years."

"My wall tent has been set up for long periods of time in Teton Park during the Wyoming Elk Hunt from October until the middle of December. I have encountered various weather conditions including rain, heavy snows and temperatures ranging from 70° to -16°F . My friends and I have always been comfortable, warm and dry and have never been disappointed with your product."

"I would recommend your tents to anyone who wants an excellent tent with lots of room, comfort, and durability to last season after season."

G. Veney
Evanston, Wyoming

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"We purchased a 3401 Campsite Tent about five years ago. We use the tent while camping with our horses. The tent has performed flawlessly and shows virtually no signs of wear. This is the second tent I have owned and the first Springbar® tent. Going forward I will be purchasing only Springbar® tents."

Hawkins, California

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"We purchased a Springbar® tent that would house our expanding family (Model 7199 Expandable) in April 1996 and took it on a trip to Dinosaur National Monument. We wanted to be away from the [Green] river because of the ages of our curious and adventurous children and found what we thought was the most beautiful campsite, right up next to the mountains on the west side. My five-year-old daughter and I pitched the tent (yes, they are really easy to set up), while the three older children played on the hillside next to our campsite. Then it was back in the van for a day trip to Vernal to visit the Utah Field House of Natural History."

"We were gone for several hours. During our trip, several thunder showers hit the area. I wasn't until late afternoon that we realized we had left our tent door flaps open. We drove back all worried that our sleeping bags, etc., would be all wet. After turning into our campsite, to our horror we found that we had chosen the low spot in the campground. Our campsite was covered by four to six inches of water. In addition to being the low spot, we found that being right next mountain was not very advantageous, either. All the runoff came down the mountain and ran through our camp, carrying mud, etc. We got to our tent and found to our surprise everything was still dry. The water had run around and under the tent, but did not get inside. I waded through the floodwater and carried all the bedding back to the van. We simply lowered our tent, moved it to higher ground and had a late dinner. We were able to sleep well in a dry tent!"

"We made it to all 29 [Utah] counties that summer and fall [with our Springbar® tent]. We have added two more children and have purchased two add-on Bedrooms which have allowed us to continue to enjoy camping in our Springbar® tent. Thanks for producing such a great home away from home."

J. Wright
Highland, Utah

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"This year we were able to use our Christmas money to buy the Expandable Tent. Our first adventure with the tent was our annual spring red rock desert trip. This spring's weather was not the hoped-for sunny, hot days; instead we got cool days with rain and wind. What a great way to test out the new tent!"

"Our first evening out, the wind picked up, it down poured rain and the campsite became a muddy mess. Happily, the tent performed extremely well. We didn't have any leaks and the wind didn't break any poles, rip any seams or cause any horrible flapping noises. It was great! We couldn't be more pleased with our tent."

D. Burnett
Midway, Utah

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"This story begins in Utah, continues in Hawaii and ends in Virginia. If you've not guessed by now, my husband in the military, the US Marine Corps, to be exact."

"While living in Utah in 1998, [my husband] went camping at Hans Flat. It was spring, and the weather turned ugly. While other campers suffered through the nights in their rip-stop tents, he slept comfortably in a neighbor's Springbar® Tent. Others came home with horror stories of dripping ceilings, broken poles and total collapses under the weight of heavy snow. Upon my husband's return, the first words out of his mouth were, "I want a Springbar® Tent.""

"In April 2000, my husband received new orders. Lucky us! We were moving to Hawaii. We bemoaned leaving behind the outdoor fun in Utah. On our last camping trip to the red rock desert, we practically cried as we rolled up the Springbar®. Unbeknownst to us, Hawaii is a campers' paradise. We erected the Springbar® on every corner of Oahu " from the highest point of the Waianae Mountains to the windy shores of Ka`a`a`wa. After nights of heavy wind, rain and many broken tents, the locals would come inspect out tent and ask about its origin. That Springbar® never wavered in a Pacific Ocean storm."

"In January 2004, another set of orders. We were moving to Virginia in August. This would not be the average move; I was expecting our first child. On May 27, I flew to Utah [to stay with my parents until the baby was born]. My husband left Hawaii a month later, picked up my stepdaughter in California and drove to Utah. In mid-July, our son was born. The two weeks following his birth were busy. We planned to buy a 4-person Springbar® (our 5-person Springbar® was being shipped to Virginia with our belongings) and drive [to Virginia], camping all the way."

"On August 3, [the four of us] set our for our trip across America. The first night almost ended the trip. [The baby] began to cry. He cried through Arches National Park where full campgrounds turned us away. He cried as we spent the next hour scouring the map for close and convenient campgrounds. He cried as we drove to Warren Lake Campground in the La Sal Mountains. He cried when the new camp stove would not light. He cried when my husband practically shoved a Swiss Army knife blade through his hand trying to open a new 5 gallon water container. He cried while we ate cold hot dogs and baby carrots. He stopped crying when we settled down for a cozy sleep in our Springbar® Tent."

"Our camping trip ended last August in Stafford, Virginia. We've lived here almost a year now. And this weekend we plan to do something we haven't done for nine months. On Friday night we will once again unroll the Springbar® at Prince William Forest Park, a National Park about 15 minutes from our home. We look forward to many more Springbar® adventures."

P. Bryant
Stafford, Virginia

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