Springbar Tents Shade Attachments

Springbar® Tents:
Information on Canopies and Porticos


Having a front Springbar Canopy is a great way to keep cool, or keep out to the rain. We have also made the Portico System which can create a larger Canopy or give more protention from wind and rain.

  • Springbar Portico Panels: This works will all new domestic Springbar models - Family Camper 7, Traveler 5, and Campsite 3. Please make sure you have zippers on the sides of your canopy for the Portico Panels to work.

  • Springbar Portico Awning: For tents older than 2018, you will need this Portico option. This system will zip onto the front of your tent. Please make sure you have a zipper above the door, where the roof meets the door.

  • Deluxe Portico Kit: The Highline 8, Highline 6, and Classic Jack will use the Deluxe Portico Kit. It includes a set of Portico Panels, four poles,guy ropes, and stakes.

  • Springbar Canopy: For any Springbar tent that has a front zipper above the door, where the roof meets the door.

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Springbar Canopy
Deluxe Portico Kit