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  • Springbar Quick Picture Reference

    Setup roof with tension rods and t sections

    Step 1: Assemble roof with four tension rods and "t" sections.

    Connect T Sections

    Step 2: Press down on "t" section ends. Be careful to keep your hands and fingers clear. Be aware that if the "t" section ends slip they can pop up quickly, so keep your face clear.

    Slide Ridge Sleeve To Middle

    Step 3: Slide ridge sleeve over connected ends to keep them in place.

    Insert Upright into T Section

    Step 4: On one end of the tent insert the tip of the upright pole into the "t" section.

    Place the bottom of the upright into the center stake loop

    Step 5: Place end of upright into the center stake loop at the bottom of the tent.

    Repeat step 5 on the opposite side

    Step 6: Repeat step five on the other side of the tent.

    Happy Camping!

    Step 7: Start Camping!