4"x20" Stove Pipe Section
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4"x20" Stove Pipe Section

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Riley 4" diameter pipe, 20" in length. For Riley Little Amigo and High Mountain Pack Stove. We recommend purchasing enough pipe to extend 2-3 above the ridge height of your tent.

To learn more about our Wall Tents, Stoves, and Frames visit Why Buy A Kirkham's Wall Tent?

How To Burn Out A Riley Stove

To provide heat for your wall tent, your may choose to add one of the several models of quality US-made wood-burning stoves from Riley Stove Company to your order. We've been selling Riley stoves to our wall tent customers for many years with very positive results.

Our Wall Tent Stoves MUST Be Treated Prior To Use!

Step 1- Setup stove and pipe OUTSIDE of tent.

Step 2- Start stove with WOOD ONLY, no pellets or coal.

Step 3- Burn for 45 minutes to an hour.

This process seals the stove and burns off the toxic fumes from the steel finish.

This MUST be done before using the stove!

Stove Dimensions
Riley Little Amigo Stove 11in x 10in x 18in
Riley Colt Stove 13in x 13in x 22in
Riley Wrangler 16in x 13in x 26in
Number of Pipe Sections
Tent Size Required Pipe Sections
8' x 10' (6) 4in x 15in
10' x 12' & 12' x 14' (5) 5" x 20"
14′ x 16′ & 16′ x 20′ (6) 5" x 20" or (5) 5" x 24"
NOTE! - The Little Amigo from Riley REQUIRES a 4" stove pipe insert
Recommended Stove For Tent
Stove Recommended Tent Sizes
Riley Little Amigo Stove 8' x 10' & 10' x 12'
Riley Colt Stove 10' x 12' & 12' x 14'
Riley Wrangler 14' x 16' & 16' x 20'
Basic Stove Requirements
Stove Base and Legs
Stove Pipe Sections
Spark Arrestor
Damper Pipe

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