Kirkhams Made in America

Products Made In America

Manufacturing in America has distinct advantages for both us and our customers. From our location in scenic northern Utah, our employees have ample opportunity to actually use the products we make and sell. You could say that "product testing" is pretty much an ongoing activity with us. In our retail store in Salt Lake City, we have the opportunity to talk directly to our customers on a daily basis. So we find out quickly what works and what doesn't; we can then put that knowledge into improving out products.

Most importantly, by employing a local workforce instead of offshore manufacturing, we keep a very tight handle on quality. And quality is the hallmark of our Springbar and AAA tent lines.

Make the best possible products, offer them at a fair price, and back it up with a great warranty and exceptional customer service. That's the way Jack Kirkham, Sr did business six decades ago and it's the way we still do it today.