Snow Peak Forged Stake #30
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Snow Peak Forged Stake #30

Price: $6.50

The last stake you'll ever need to buy! Solid forged steel is tough enough to drive into asphalt. Snow Peak #30 (top) is 12" long.



  • Dimensions: 1/4"d x 11-3/4"
  • Weight: 6.3oz

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Reviewed by kevin456789
03/08/2011 - 06:09:16 PM
Expensive but worth it
There is no plastic at the top to break (which has happened to about 50% of my nail stakes).

They will not bend (which has happened to several V stakes).

They are easier to pull out than either (no worries about using too much force or finding a good leverage point).

I suspect that my great-great-great-grandchildren will still be using them they are so well made.

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