The superior design of the Springbar frame is backed up by using the highest quality metal. Our two piece ridge is double-walled aluminum-and-steel tubing; that's right, a tube inside of a tube. Try to find that kind of tubing strength in any other tent on the market!

The tent body is sprung from four solid spring-steel tension rods. These steel tension bars fit into a solid cast aluminum "tee" fitting on the end of the Half Ridge. Then, the entire top-frame assembly is supported by two adjustable aluminum uprights which are double-walled in the upper section. Not to be confused with the smaller awning poles that support the portico and canopy.

We don't skimp on the small details, either. Our tents use the industry's best YKK self-healing coil zippers with nickel sliders for long life.

To attach stake loops, we sew a heavy rope hem into the perimeter of the tent where the floor meets the sidewalls and wrap a steel wire stake loop around it. Unlike webbing stake loops found on just about every other tent, our stake loops won't tear out when the wind really gets blowing!

Frame Parts and Sections