The Fabric Makes The Difference

Springbar tents will exceed your expectations! If you are accustomed to tents that leak or come apart when the wind gets blowing, you'll be pleasantly surprised on your first trip with a Springbar.

We have been making our tents for over 40 years. In that time we have discovered that the fabric makes the difference. Most customers own their Springbar tents for 30 - 40 years!

Here at Kirkham's we know this type of quality doesn't happen by accident. We painstakingly pick-out the highest quality canvas fabric on the market. When you don't have to buy another tent for 40 years you'll see the value in knowing good fabric.

Springbar tents are different from other tents. For starters, you'll notice that our tents don't have a rain fly. They don't need one. Our tents are made from a superior grade of 100% cotton canvas that is extremely water resistant and breathable. These tents remain cool and comfortable in hot, humid conditions.

Tough Fabric That Works In All Seasons!