Family Camper 7 Springbar Tent
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Family Camper 7 Springbar Tent


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By far the most popular Springbar Tent. The Family Camper provides room to spare and all the classic Springbar deluxe features.

Made In The USA!


  • Family and space friendly.
  • Plenty of room to sleep up to eight adults.
  • Includes one sewn canopy, poles, guy ropes, adjustable organizer, adjustable gearloft, and one set of 12" angle stakes.
  • Strong solid rope perimeter with "hooked" stake loops to keep tent standing in all types of weather.
  • Tough vinyl floor to protect against water and sharp objects.
  • Don't be intimidated by weight, we include separate carry bags for poles and tent canvas.
  • Built 100% in the USA
  • We offer repair options and replacement parts on all our Springbar Tents, even for some that are 40 years old.
  • Manufacture Warranty: Lifetime

For Your Consideration

  • Canvas MUST BE dried completely before storage. Please See Care Instructions.
  • The Portico Awning is a great addition to any Springbar that would like to the most shade, or wind protection available.
  • This tent is not a backpacking tent and is typically used in car camping or extended stay conditions.
  • We offer DISCOUNT accessories listed above when you purchase a Springbar Tent. Including additional stake sets.


This isn't your grandfathers old canvas tent. We have perfected the balance of high quality canvas and advanced synthetic silicone treatments.

  • 8.5 oz Shelter Duck, double-fill construction, 100% cotton with SunforgerĀ® marine-finish boat shrunk treatment
  • Roof- 10.1 oz Army Duck, double-fill construction, 100% cotton with SunforgerĀ® marine-finish boat shrunk treatment
  • Windows- Polyester no-see-um mesh, CPAI fire-retardant
  • Zippers- YKK #10RC and #8CF nylon coils with nickel-plated sliders
  • Floor- 10 oz vinyl-laminated polyester, CPAI-84 fire-retardant, antibacterial,seamless, tear resistant, abrasion resistant, and UV inhibitor
  • Frame- 2-pc double-walled aluminum/steel ridge, solid steel tension bars, adjustable steel-reinforced aluminum uprights


  • Weight: 77 lbs
  • Tent Bag: 26 in x 32 in
  • Pole Bag: 8 in x 62 in
  • Floor: 10 ft x 14 ft
  • Floor Area: 140 sq ft
  • Sleeping Capacity: 8 adults
  • Minimum Height (Inside): 72 in
  • Maximum Height (Outside): 79 in
  • Number of Doors: 1
  • Number of Windows: 3 full-height windows
    Front Window: Top- 19 1/4" Height- 60" Bottom- 27"
    Back Windows: Top- 19 1/4" Height- 60" Bottom- 27"

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by
10/05/2012 - 05:26:52 PM
Easily the world's best tent
A little pricey compared to some of the cheap nylon Chinese stuff on the market these days, but well worth the investment. This is the only family camping tent you'll ever need to buy and will stand up to whatever punishment your kids can dish out. You'll never pop a seam on a Springbar tent, they are well ventilated/insulated, are easy to set up and have a luxurious, comfortable feel. Our Springbar is like a home away from home for us and it gives me a lot of peace of mind to have it around in case we ever need an emergency shelter.
Reviewed by Roffe
Roffe bought "Family Camper 7 Springbar Tent" on our website
08/15/2012 - 07:14:39 PM
Kirkhams De Luxe Tent Best
I have intentionally waited to write a review on this tent as I wanted to try it out really good first. I purchased the tent in Early May, 2012. I like this tent very much. It comes with a warranty policy I appreciate very much: LifeTime!! Obviously the last tent I will ever buy.

It's very well made and is breathing high quality and ruggedness all over. The stakes are heavy duty and canvas is of a very nice fabric. Came out to campsite late one night and it was pouring rain with no interruption. The tent went out the car and we staked it down on the ground using flashlights and plastic hammers. Within 10 minutes we had the tent up and by that a dry shelter. Under the generously dimensioned awning and the inside the tent, we had a dry escape. Most appreciated.

I have lately used the tent in a dry location and very warm. Temperatures around 85ºF to 95ºF The ventilation keep the tent still livable and comfortable. Granted, we had some wind but I can still remember the difference with a regular tent. This tent is not overheating like the others and it keeps the warmth when it is cold outside. I say for a base station, this tent is the best you can get. I say basecamp because you need to be one heck of a body builder if you have intentions to carry this tent on a hiking trip. :-)

If there is anything I could wish for, it would be to have the choice of a different color.
Reviewed by jps2003
06/22/2012 - 07:30:59 AM
1st and last tent
The decision to start camping was simple, good memories (after you learn a few things), great family time and being in nature, whats not to like. Then I started researching tents and found out there could be a number of things that would quickly derail our camping trip and that would be the center piece of camping, the tent. I read a lot of reviews and came to the conclusion that (like everything else in life) you get what you pay for! Get a cheap tent with fiberglass poles and when the weather isn't nice, your tend won't be nice either. With this in mind we spent the extra money for the Family Camper 7 and have not been disappointed yet! YES it takes a little more time to hammer the stakes into the ground, YES it's a canvas tent so it's not light BUT you will like the culmination of all of these things the first time mother nature does something you're hoping she wouldn't on your trip. Nothing ruins an outing faster than a collapsed tent with a soaking wet family and food. With the Family Camper 7 this is not a problem! We have plenty of space for us and our gear and don't regret spending a bit more and getting a high quality tent that should last us for years.

We recently stayed at Assateague Island MD and had sustained winds around 18 mph with higher gusts for 3 days. All around us we saw the nylon tents with fiberglass poles getting beat up by the wind. By the end of the first night, a number of people had flat tents and we packing up and going home. The Springbar didn't give us any problems whatsoever. Even with the sand blowing everywhere, inside the tent was mostly quite (canvas doesn't make much noise in wind) and the sand was not coming in anywhere. On other outings the Springbar has been through some heavy downpours and inside is dry and (somewhat) peaceful.

You won't regret purchasing this tent! You only buy quality one time.

Reviewed by ttins
02/08/2012 - 08:46:32 AM
Love this "replacement" tent
OK, my wife and I spent about $500 on a "nice" Northface tent that was "big enough" for our family of five, at the time, six now. We put it up in the backyard and it "looked" cool...then we took it to Powell. After an 8 minute Powell hurricane our tent was reduced to shambles. Look on the bright side though, we brought it home, shipped it back to the manufacturer, got our money back, saved up a bit more with the kiddoes and went to Kirkham's to buy a real tent. Paying the couple hundred bucks more for the quality and durability of the Family camper 7 was one of the best moves we've ever made as a camping family. This tent is awesome. Super roomy, easily enough space for us and the four kids with room for gear and extra clothe's etc. I can stand straight up in the thing.Great ventilation. Since we were spending the money anyway we got all the bells and whistles with the nicer portico and other extras. We couldn't be happier. This tent works as a breezy summer overnighter or a cold late autumn hunt base camp. We couldn't be happier.
Reviewed by xscreamskier24
11/29/2011 - 09:15:22 PM
Family Camper 7
Stop wasting your time with nylon tents and fiberglass poles! These tents are the best, strongest, most long lasting tents out there! The family camper is my favorite size for typical family. 4 can comfortably sleep with gear, and still have some extra space. These tents are great in warm, cold, wet, dusty, and windy conditions. I was in Wyoming this past summer, and we were caught in a huge storm. Before the storm, there were about 5 (nylon) tents around me that friends were staying in, and after, none remained standing. My springbar handled the wind like a champ. Some of my friends even bought a springbar soon after that incident because they were quickly convinced. There are so many more features I love, but get down to Kirkham's yourself and see the tents in person! I know I will be a repeat customer for years!

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