Kirkhams Wall Tents

12.5 oz Boat Duck Wall Tents:
A Great Combination Of Water-Resistant And Durable

The preferred choice for heavy use in wet or humid climates, our 12.5 oz Boat Duck is a marine-grade, double-fill 100% cotton fabric treated with Sunforger® silicone-based dry finish for maximum water and mildew resistance. This does not mean you can put it away wet! As with all canvas wall tents, precautions must be taken to make sure the tent is completely dry prior to long-term storage to prevent mold and mildew.

The 12.6 oz Boat Duck is a unique canvas material that is more durable than the lighter 10.1 oz Sunforger® Army Duck, and yet more water-proof, lighter, and more mildew-resistant than the 14.7 oz Duck Canvas.

Optional Fire-Retardant Finish

12.5 oz FR (Fire-Retardant) Sunforger® Boat Duck. The "FR" in the name indicates the addition of a fire-retardant treatment that meets the California Fire Marshall's CPAI-84 specification.